Ever wondered what is like to design your favourite game characters? Well, now you have the opportunity to find out! One of our partners, which happens to be one of the growing international companies in the video game and creative industry, is expanding its team! Creating the rules, plot, main figures and settings makes you mesmerized, doesn’t it? If that’s the case, keep reading to learn more!


As in a video game, the most crucial thing about a company are the main characters! The people you will work with, are just as passionate as you are about being the center of creativity. Not only are they driven by the same interests as you, but also like to spend time and have fun together. Thus, every mission you accomplish together will be a success and a suitable story for a game plot!

We know that if you want to be a game designer, you will take charge of the game settings as well. That’s why educational background is kind of important. Holding a game-specific degree or a degree in computer engineering or computer programming is a key requirement in order to go to next level of the recruitment process. If you meet this, then we are pretty sure you’ll be able to build games for user satisfaction.  

Another very important characteristic of a good video game is the plot. If the plot of your job needs to be described we’ll point out: engaging interface, exciting content, attractive art and an appealing storyline. Together these not only explain your daily activities, but also describe the perfect mixture of a successful video game! You’ll immerse yourself into Manga RPG, Misty Romance and so on.

Believe us, once you join the team and start working on projects, you won’t want to play a video game anymore because your job will be even more intriguing. If gaming is your passion and you want to meet new friends, don’t hesitate. Accept the challenge and send us your CV today @ [email protected]! Start designing the games you want to play!