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Подбор на IT Персонал

Bulgaria is blessed with some of the top IT talent in the world, but to succeed in IT you need a complete team from programme management to IT support. To put this team in place you need an experienced an Agency for IT Specialists Recruitment in Bulgaria to help you with your search and selection.

Top Skills Recruitment represents many of the top IT companies in Bulgaria and a fast-growing list of world class companies setting up in Bulgaria to take advantage of:

Challenges of IT Specialists Recruitment in Bulgaria

It is no worldwide secret that Bulgaria is one of the leading places for IT development. This is particularly true in high-growth areas such as gaming, FinTech and communications.

This has led to a very mobile market with opportunities for career progression for skilled staff and staff turnover is a concern for many IT businesses in Bulgaria.

Furthermore, IT development skills are just one part of the IT development lifecycle and Bulgaria has not yet established the complete team set required to support the growth. Top Skills Recruitment can help your IT business overcome these challenges by:

Recruitment of Experienced Project Managers

Good project managers are in short supply everywhere and have a set of skills they can use to maintain team spirit and effectiveness which include:

As Bulgaria has not been developing major IT projects for the last 40 years, project management skills are in even more demand than development skills.

However, during this time, many highly qualified IT management resources have secured high-level positions around the world and are able to manage complex IT projects.

Top Skills Recruitment have been approached by many leading overseas IT managers who are looking to return to live in Bulgaria when the appropriate opportunity arises.

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