IT Support Recruitment Bulgaria

Подбор на ИТ Съпорт

The IT support recruitment team at Top Skills Recruitment ensure you quickly get the best talent for the job. Backed by years of industry experience and a dedication to customer service, our team of experienced technical recruiters are experts in IT Support Recruitment in  Bulgaria and across the EU. With a candidate pool built over many years, our recruiters can quickly identify and place the right talent for your business when you need them.

Types Of IT Support Recruitment in Bulgaria

These are some of the technical support roles that we supply:

IT Support Engineer

There are three types of IT Support Engineers, and they include, 1st line support, 2nd line support and 3rd line support. Each varies depending on their specialist knowledge. These roles are in demand as they are the people that will provide support to clients/employees/customers of a business. These roles can be carried out to fix the issue in person, over the phone or from a remote connection.

IT Support Technician

An IT support technician is responsible for the maintenance and running of the computer systems. They will have to diagnose and repair any hardware or software issues that may arise. This can be both providing support internally for the employees of a business or externally for clients.

Desktop Support Specialist

Desktop Support specialist is another 1st line support role and similar to IT Support Technician when it comes to the roles and responsibilities.

Network Support Analyst

A Network Support Analyst will be responsible for the network systems that a company has in place and ensure that they are running smoothly. They will have to analyse, design, install, configure and repair these network systems if there’s a need. They will also need to provide any technical support for the network systems.

IT Support Manager

The IT Support Manager is essentially going to be managing the support team at a company. They will oversee all parts of IT such as IT support, network support, server maintenance.

IT Support Skills and Qualification Requirements

These are some of qualifications and skills that can help you land a technical support job in Bulgaria:

A Relevant Undergraduate Degree

Having a degree which is relevant to the job you are going for will put you at an advantage. Many companies will require their candidates to have a degree,

IT Training Qualifications

Having relevant qualifications in IT will help you stand out other candidates and it might even put you in a better position than someone with a degree.

On The Job Training

Some good skills to have if you want to work in IT Support are the following:

Another way to stand out is having a well-made and well-tailored CV for the role you are applying for. This is essential as it is the first impression a company will have of you.

IT Support Recruitment Bulgaria

Whether you are looking to fill one position or have large volume help desk and IT support staffing needs, our IT Support Recruitment in Bulgaria
is ready to fill your empty seats with the best talent around. Contact us today.