Onsite Recruiter

The success of your business depends on the quality of your people. Hiring a specialised onsite recruiter helps to make sure you are finding the right talent.

As organisations experience growth, there is often an urgent need to expand headcount responsibly and quickly. For a business to achieve this dynamic growth without distraction or interruption, a flexible and specialised solution is necessary.

The recruiter onsite model is different from traditional staffing, as it allows the onsite recruiter to focus solely on one client.  Our onsite recruiter immerses him or herself within the team and culture, becoming an expert on the client brand and ways of working.

Top Skills has successfully implemented onsite Recruiter for several of our flourishing clients in Bulgaria.

A Customised Approach

We employ a customised approach where we deploy our employees to based onsite at your organisation. As a complement to the existing recruiting team, we will provide a fresh perspective on the hiring process and impart market data and trends to educate the in-house recruitment team.

Before implementing this model, we meet with our clients to understand how we can tailor the solution to your needs and ensure the most beneficial service.  We will discuss, amongst other items, the duration of the onsite model, the number and type of open positions, and the current interview process.

When designing each onsite recruitment engagement, we can adapt to the client’s needs accordingly.

Building Relationships

From day one, we start building relationships with multiple individuals within the firm including leadership, Human Resources (HR), and the hiring managers. With all teams working together, we can determine both short and long-term goals and how we can best provide our expertise.

As your single point of contact, our onsite recruiting consultant would manage the following:

With Top Skills as your exclusive, on-site recruitment provider, you will realise cost savings relative to traditional placement fees, and achieve better, timelier hiring than you could achieve alone.

In addition, you will achieve greater clarity into your hiring process through regular performance reviews and proactive notifications of any obstacles to your success.

The duration of the service may vary from months to several years. Depending on the employer’s expectations, we can delegate a consultant at various levels from Researcher to Recruiter Specialist to the Recruitment Manager.

Reasons to Work with an On-Site Staffing Agency

In today’s competitive business landscape, companies need to be agile and quick to act when hiring and onboarding employees, whether it is to keep up with customer demand, peaks in production, or heavy sales periods. Benefits include:

An On-Site Staffing Agency Operates in Your Offices

Having a staffing agency operating on-site means that your potential candidates can see what it is like to be in the workplace as opposed to off-site staffing firms that screen and interview candidates in their offices.

Closer Interaction Means Better Placements

An on-site staffing team has an easier time understanding the intricacies of the company and demands of the positions that need to be filled with daily interactions with supervisors, team leaders and employees.

Form a Closer Relationship with the Staffing Agency

On-site staffing agencies work together with HR and upper management to respond to issues when they arise and come up with viable solutions.

Onsite Recruitment Bulgaria

Before you choose a staffing agency, consider working with Top Skills Recruitment that offers on-site services.

To learn more, schedule a consultation with our team to learn more about how our recruitment solutions can help you.