How to select a recruitment agency in Bulgaria

Агенция за намиране на работа

There are several ways to locate your next position, but which one is the right one for you and how important is to use the correct recruitment company Bulgaria?

The first 4 options involve a lot of work on your behalf, why not employ a professional recruitment agency in Bulgaria to help you find the next step in your career?

Tips Before You Start Looking for a New Job

Build Your Professional Brand

The employee is always looking for ways in which to streamline the recruitment process and eliminate wasted interviews. Most employers will look on LinkedIn so it is especially important to create a LinkedIn profile. A strong profile portrays you in a professional light and will provide recruiters, and employers with a strong positive impression of you as a candidate.

Connect With Your Contacts

Connect with everyone you know, because you never know which contact may be able to help you with your job search or put you in contact with a quality recruitment agency.

Create a List of Companies Where you would like to Work

It is a good idea to research company information and create a list of companies to target in your job search.

Take the Time to Update Your Resume and Cover Letter

It is important to take the time to write targeted resumes and cover letters that specifically link your qualifications to the hiring criteria for the jobs you are applying for.

What To Do When Interviewing

Treat Agency Interview Like a Real Interview

The staffing agency will likely set up an interview with you to get a better sense of your skills and experience.  You might also be asked to complete a skills assessment to test your hard and soft skills.

Prepare for the Actual Job Interview

Research the company before you go for the interview, dress appropriately, practice answering and asking interview questions to impress the interviewer with your skills, experience, confidence, and expertise.

Working With a Recruitment Company Bulgaria to Maximize Your Opportunities

Some job seekers do not want to use an employment agency because they think these agencies only provide entry-level, temporary jobs. Others think that agencies never provide benefits to workers. Neither of these points have any substance.

A job seeker can use a staffing agency in Bulgaria to find a wide variety of jobs, including permanent jobs, in all industries from entry-level workers to CEOs.        

How to Find the Right Staffing Agency for You

The role of a recruitment agency revolves around working with employers and job seekers to facilitate a successful job match.

Choose a Recruitment Company Bulgaria Who Are Sector Experts

When you are looking for a staffing agency to work with, make sure you know the kinds of industries the agency deals with.

Choose an Employment Agency That Specialises in Your Area

This could be IT, languages, finance, engineering, etc.

Agencies also offer jobs that last for varying lengths of time.

Additional Services offered by Recruitment Agencies.

These may include interview coaching and help you negotiate a compensation package with your prospective employer.

Choose A Recruitment Agency with Whom You Can Build Trust

We encourage you to spend some time connecting with a few recruiters and interviewing them to find out who is the best fit for you.

Connecting With More Than One Recruiter

There is no harm in connecting with more than one recruitment agency but that getting your job application double-submitted by multiple recruiters may damage our and your reputation. Please inform us if you have already applied for a specific job.

Get The Most Out Of A Recruitment Agency in Bulgaria

We at Top Skills Recruitment have a wealth of information and experience from working with companies across different industries and sectors. Many companies outsource hiring to recruitment agencies to us so you will have access to job vacancies that may not be advertised elsewhere.

You will also receive insights into hiring requirements that are not listed or obvious in job advertisements. These will prepare you for your interview with a prospective employer and increase your chances of getting hired.