Find a job in Europe using a Bulgarian Recruitment Agency

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Find a job in Europe with the help of a recruitment agency who has vacancies all over Europe, can be a smooth and seamless process.

It can be demoralising, working through listings, and then uploading your resume and cover letter to multiple organisations, but using a professional recruitment agency in Bulgaria makes the job less stressful, frustrating, and tedious. Top Skills Recruitment can help you secure a role that fits your skills, your experience, your personality, and your aspirations.

Using an employment agency to find a job in Europe is a good idea for individuals with well-defined career goals. Signing up with Top Skills Recruitment costs nothing and it’s a very effective way for finding your ideal job match. We will be right behind you promoting your name, your experience, and your credentials to our clients.

Find a job in Europe using a Recruitment Agency

Perhaps you’ve already been headhunted via your LinkedIn profile or personal website, but the approach came to nothing. Instead try reaching out to an overseas employment agency in Bulgaria specialising in your profession.

Top Skills Recruitment have experts in many industry sectors, and we invest time getting to know both the client and the candidate and work hard to find the right match.

We probably know the local job market far better than you do and know the clients and the type of candidate (beyond just skills and experience) they typically look for.

We will also offer advice on adapting your CV or improving your interview techniques.

Understanding The Culture in Each Country

It is extremely important to develop a thorough understanding of business etiquette and culture in each country. Do your homework on the agency as well as research the prospective employer for benefits, career progression potential, and the work culture. A good agency should know their client sufficiently well to answer your questions directly.

At Top Skills, we have placed many expats and know the formalities involved in hiring in each country. We also have the inside track on jobs which are not in the public domain.

A local agency would likely have less experience dealing with expats. If you don’t know the local language, you might be at a significant disadvantage with their clients.

One Union but a Diverse Set of Countries

Europe is diverse, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to your job hunt.

Language skills are important, and unless it is an international firm, most employers in Europe need English plus another language as a pre-requisite. Many employers also still value longevity in jobs so be able to justify job-hopping if it applicable in your case.

On your CV, emphasise your contributions and achievements, for each job even though the timespan may have been quite short.

Our clients hire international, diverse, globally-minded professionals from young graduates to C-level executives.

Opportunities for Mult-Lingual Professionals

We specialise in connecting gifted professionals with organisations in the EU in need of bilingual assets on their teams.

Whether you’re interested in jobs for bilingual speakers or want to attain additional value from your bilingual abilities in your already successful career, we’re here to connect you to Europe’s leading companies. Explore your true potential and take your future in your own hands, while taking advantage of your bilingual skills.

Bilingual skills are a highly sought after quality by companies in a wide array of fields. So, if you’re passionate about your craft and can fluently speak both more than one language, we want to hear from you.

International Recruiters That Clients and Candidates Trust

With many years of experience in multilingual talent acquisition, Top Skills Recruitment is a market leader in international recruitment and contracting in Bulgaria.

Top Skills are known for the way we treat people, and we truly appreciate and value everyone we work with and represent.

We never lie to obtain a client. Both with clients and candidates, we always practice honesty.

We have no old-school biases, only eagerness to change things for the better, fresh ideas and a start-up mindset.