Recruitment Resourcing

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Top Skills Recruitment Resourcing in Bulgaria put the right people in the right place at the right time, creating better outcomes for you and your customers.

Serving clients of all sizes, whether you need one person or a whole team, we will deliver and manage your recruitment resourcing in Bulgaria with the industry knowledge to enhance your operations and maximise your productivity.

We work to understand your needs, creating a solution that combines the optimum mix of people, management, and oversight – when and where you need it most.

We can deploy people on a permanent or interim basis, operating from your site or one of our locations.

Our recruitment practice is the go-to for sourcing skilled, qualified professionals for hard-to-fill roles in a range of popular industries.

Our blend of industry insight, resourcing and recruitment expertise places us perfectly to meet your needs.

Recruitment Compared to Resourcing

Recruitment is reactive and focuses only on short-term needs, whereas resourcing is long term and strategic.

Replacing the traditional model of recruitment with ‘resourcing’ can help organisations win the race for the best talent as 52% of organisations find retaining and developing talent their biggest concern.

Recruitment is too often reactively focused on filling short-term needs, rather than on strategic planning that considers the organisation’s needs and companies need to focus more on employer branding, employee value propositions, and resourcing strategies to attract and retain the best talent.

The development of an employer brand, which includes an employee value proposition, is linked to talent management, which dictates the strategy on how to source, attract, select, train, develop, retain, promote, and move people through the organisation. The mindset of this approach seeks not only to hire the most qualified and valuable employees but also to put a strong emphasis on retention.

In-house or external resourcing?

Organisations are looking for quality talent that will enhance their businesses and deliver their strategic priorities not just quantity. Therefore, a resourcing model, which embraces and builds an end-to-end talent management strategy for employees, is critical to success.

The decision on whether to perform the resourcing in-house, out of house or using a hybrid model is not the most important point as the question should be what you want your talent and future talent to think, feel and do in relation to your brand.

Quality staff join a business because they can see themselves reflected in the organisation and not just, because they have an impressive website or receive a persuading call from a resourcing consultant. The process should not simply focus on cost and time to hire but to think more in long term, aligning to the business needs.

Employing managers should play a large part in building the resourcing plan, which should include market trends, and intelligence included as recruiting and retaining employees with the right skills, experience and attitude is key to success of your business.

What is Recruitment Resourcing in Bulgaria?

Recruitment resourcing is where a Recruiter will go out to one or more job boards and actively contact candidates about your role. This can bring in more passive candidates who have uploaded their CV to job boards but aren’t actively searching and applying for roles.

Our Recruitment Resourcers will perform a search on one or more job boards, which will single out specific candidates who are relevant for your role and match specific criteria. These candidates will then be analysed and the preferred ones will be contacted about your position.

Recruitment Resourcing at Top Skills

We have a team of over 15 resourcing professionals and a database of 46 000 highly skilled, trained and vetted individuals with extensive experience of working in regulated markets.

Please contact us to find out how we can help you with our recruitment resourcing in Bulgaria.