Using Effective Recruitment to Gain Competitive Advantage

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Top Skills are providing a Recruitment Consulting Bulgaria to help you avoid cumbersome recruitment processes and/or an over-stretched human resources team the task of filling vacancies takes longer and is more costly.

To help you avoid cumbersome recruitment processes and/or an over-stretched human resources team the task of filling vacancies takes longer and is more costly. This ineffective process can lead to a negative effect on your employer brand as high-quality applicants will be underwhelmed and likely to look elsewhere.

Faster recruitment will have a positive effect on your company’s performance as it will reduce costs, improve candidate experience, and helps your employer brand. It will put you well placed to take advantage of new business opportunities, be competitive and grow faster.

Streamlined, efficient recruitment processes will deliver higher-quality, more engaged hires, providing a competitive advantage that will improve your business performance. The fast hiring process will allow you to take advantage of short-term opportunities and will reduce the risk of stress and disengagement amongst your current workforce, if their resources are stretched too far, leading to increased attrition rates.

Using Recruitment Consulting Bulgaria will Benefit Shorter Recruitment Cycles

Increase profitability and performance

Attracting and on-boarding high-quality candidates on tight timescales will allow your business to be more proactive and agile, as well as taking advantage of short-term opportunities.

Shorter recruitment timescales will lead to a reduction in the cost-per-hire increased faster time to competence.

Industry figures suggest that clients working with a Recruitment Process Outsourcing provider typically save up to 70% of agency spend and reduce cost per hire fees by nearly 50%.

Attract Higher Quality Candidates

Shorter recruitment cycles will make it easier to attract high quality candidates as they will be impressed with your recruitment cycle and give them a better impression of your brand. This will increase their engagement in the crucial first weeks of their employment, improving their long-term chances of success.

Reduce Attrition and Improve Productivity

A more efficient recruitment process can free up your Human Resources team to spend more time on training and developing existing teams and onboarding new hires. The right onboarding process can have a major impact on engagement, increasing performance and reducing staff attrition.

Define your Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

A strong EVP can reduce friction at all stages of your recruitment process, from attracting applications through to salary negotiations and winning out against competing offers. By clearly defining the intangible benefits your brand offers, a compelling EVP can drive engagement and commitment amongst potential employees and help retain them for longer.

Agile Recruiting Process

Agile methodology encourages a shift away from rigid processes and fixed timescales to a more responsive, real-time view of recruitment. Agile divides longer-term plans into short, sharp bursts of activity with daily review points and regular re-prioritisation. This allows our clients to move applicants through the recruitment process more quickly and respond to changing priorities with more flexibility than would be possible using traditional project management approaches.

Agile recruitment is ideally placed to deal with high-priority vacancies or short-notice requirements. It can make recruiting at volume far more manageable, whilst still allowing for a high level of personalisation and an outstanding candidate experience.

Leverage Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

RPO is a cost-effective method of providing additional recruitment resource when required, whilst maintaining the same streamlined processes and frictionless candidate experience your internal team delivers.

By working as an extension of your brand, Top Skills Recruitment is providing a Recruitment Consulting Bulgaria and can fulfil short-term recruitment resource requirements whilst maintaining a strong brand presence, so your recruitment continues to perform when you need it most.