In Demand IT Jobs

IT работа

As the number of IT jobs in Bulgaria continues to grow at a rapid pace, due to our increasingly digital world, it is vital that businesses put in place a strategy to build the teams to construct the applications that they need to complete.

IT professionals do not always have extensive education, but they do need skills in the specific areas that needed for the job.

This article focuses on the skills required to skilfully perform the most in demand IT jobs.

Covid-19 Related IT Recruitment Trends Affecting IT jobs in Bulgaria

The demand for IT professionals, a move to remote onboarding and a requirement to retrain employees with legacy skills are three of the IT recruitment trends to emerge in response to Covid-19.

Firstly, there was demand for people with cloud-based skills who could deploy systems like AWS and Azure to enable remote working. Then there was the requirement for cyber security candidates, followed by data analysts and data scientists who could take a predictive view of what would come next.

This demand for IT professionals has led to organisations needing the following changes in their IT recruitment strategy:

Most In Demand IT Jobs in Bulgaria

1. DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers, help and look after the development team taking part in the deployment and network operations.

2. Cloud Architect

A Cloud Architect will manage the company’s cloud computing strategy, will manage and support the cloud.

Some of cloud architect skills will include:    

3. Al Архитект

An AI Architect will be responsible for overseeing all the AI initiatives and have a heavy focus and skill in math and statistics. Skills necessary are:   

4. Systems Analyst

A systems analyst will design techniques to aid in problem-solving by analysing IT systems in the organization.

5. Network Administrator

Network Administrators are responsible for managing with LAN/WAN protocol, software, and hardware.

6. Software Engineer

Software engineers are responsible for designing, developing, and installing software systems.

7. Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain Engineers specialize in developing architecture and solutions that leverages the blockchain technology.