IT Candidate Shortage

работа за програмисти

The modern workplace is evolving quickly, prompted by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and changing technology however, employers are faced with a shortage of quality IT candidates when it comes to sourcing and recruiting to fulfill IT Vacancies Bulgaria.

Cyber security, development, data science, project management and business analyst skills are in particularly high demand, and salaries for these roles have seen corresponding increases as employers compete for top IT talent.

This article looks at the reasons behind the IT candidate shortage in Bulgaria and what employers and recruitment agencies can do to attract the best staff.

Reasons for the IT Candidate shortage in Bulgaria

Job Security Is More Important Than Ever

During the last eighteen months the pandemic has created huge uncertainty and low confidence.

The usual recruitment market movement has slowed down and even where the circumstances are not ideal or the compensation is not great, people are reluctant to move jobs.

The Best Candidates are Going Out on Their Own

Many of the more experienced candidates had an opportunity to take stock and plan during Covid-19 and they have decided to become IT contactors or set up their own IT development companies.

Lack of Education

Education is the main aspect capable of helping in solving the talent shortage problem. At the same time, education in Bulgaria is one of the main challenges and there are too few school graduates ready to pursue IT careers.

High Demand for Experienced Candidates

Businesses are all focusing their recruitment efforts on the most experienced people as they continue to recover and start to ramp up growth once again.

AI, machine learning, and data science are developing rapidly, however, these technologies are only in the initial stages of their potential growth. So, it is very difficult to find professionals with enough experience.

Limited Company Training

Companies provide insufficient IT training leading to a lack of IT skills within the organisation.

Insufficient Compensation

The IT candidates know that they are in demand, and they will hold out for the salary that they think that they deserve. IT talent also wants job perks like increased autonomy, freedom, flexible work from home policies, and time to work on projects they are passionate about.

Ways To Recruit the Best IT Staff During the Candidate Shortage - IT Vacancies Bulgaria

Deliver Omni-Channel Experiences

Recruitment agencies need to use omni-channels to attract talented IT workers.  This includes all online and offline methods to find potential talent and use the best communication channels through the whole recruitment process.

Improve Employer Branding

Although the recruitment agency can do little to change how the company brands itself, it can develop a recruitment strategy that shows your clients in the best possible light.

The agency should get to know the brand and create a job description that will inspire the most talented job-seekers to accept that first interview and the job offer if it is made.

Focus On a Niche

Recruiters need to become niche experts. IT recruitment has become more complex, new and more intricate jobs arise and the recruiter needs to understand the niche to recruit effectively for complex positions and niche roles.

Be Proactive

AI-driven solutions, better CRM Systems, digital channels, and automation allow for a more aggressive talent sourcing process can help recruitment companies stay ahead of the competition to improve the quality of the recruitment process.

Look for Junior IT Candidates with a High Potential

Focus on less experienced candidates, with a stronger programme of learning and development to help them succeed. A structured, fast way to onboard and train new hires will be instrumental in growth.

Expand The Search Radius

The pandemic has sped up the transition to remote work and the recruiter needs to facilitate remote talent acquisition and retention in 2022 and beyond.

Pay The Going Rate

A recruitment agency must inform the employer what the required salary is for the open IT position.

Offer a Good Work-Life Balance

An offer of a good work-life balance is one of the most effective means of attracting in-demand tech professionals and should contain options such as flexible home working where possible.

Optimise Your Hiring Process

It is imperative that employers move quickly when hiring. Long waiting times will result on a candidate choosing another position so there must be a fast, well-organised turnaround model.

Your recruitment partner will find established, trusted and qualified candidates and then be ready with streamlined practices for interviews and assessments.

Employ a specialist recruitment agency to fill your IT vacancies in Bulgaria

The IT talent shortage is real, and it’s growing. However, the reason for it is not only due to a lack of talented individuals passionate about technology.

Finding top-tier, quality talent has never been harder. While the talent pool has grown, the talent pool you are looking to choose from is often difficult to identify or find without the tools and network that recruitment agencies such as Top Skills have access to.

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