Importance of Agencies for IT Recruitment

агенция за подбор на ИТ персонал

This article investigates why some companies still try to recruit their new IT employees directly (skipping a recruitment agency) and the benefits of employing an exclusive IT staffing agency Bulgaria to fill your vacant positions.

Hiring Directly in the Current Market

​Sometimes you will see job adverts marked ‘No Agencies Please’.  In our experience at Top Skills Recruitment very few, if any companies, have success hiring directly in the current market.

This is because the market is a candidate-driven, talent poor environment and this strategy just is not competitive enough.

Normally, there are three reasons why a company has asked for agencies to not get in contact:

Previous Bad Experiences with Agencies

You can have a bad experience at one restaurant, but this does not mean that you will never eat out at a restaurant again.

The recruitment world is similar, there are some terrible agencies, but there are some that really want to take time to understand your business and needs. So do not let one bad experience taint your view of all agencies.

Cost Concerns

Cost concerns are an interesting subject as it is expensive to recruit but you get what you pay for. An agency working at 10% is not going to be able to provide the same quality of service as a 20% exclusive recruitment partner.

The agencies charging low rates concentrate on quantity over quality to make a profit. These agencies rarely add value to the service.

You are looking to fill the position with the right person, but often with direct recruitment it is difficult to quickly find the right candidate resulting in cost overruns in your business such as failure of projects, losing clients or missing out on opportunities.

You can end up 3-6 months down the line paying an agency the same or more than they would have in the first place.

What Do Recruitment Agencies Do?

IT Recruitment agencies in Bulgaria, such as Top Skills, do not just post job ads and send the customers the resumes that they receive.

We often already know the top candidates; we have spent years building a network and know who has that skill set or what other companies have similar staff. We can give guidance and advice on the market rates, salary ranges, what to expect in response and how to manage an interview process.

We screen candidates against your needs saving you time trawling through bad applications.

Sometimes we will work on a contingency basis, so you only pay when you have secured the person that you really want.

Exclusive IT Recruitment Partners – Why You Should Consider IT staffing agency Bulgaria

With the shortage of quality IT staff in Bulgaria, an exclusive recruitment partner, can be a good solution.

We want to understand your technical environment and visit your offices to see how you work. We will let you know what is and isn’t achievable in the market and work with you to find a solution and you can rely on total confidentiality.

We know that we are totally responsible to find the person to fill your position and we will then put in a lot of work to find the candidate that’s ideal for your business.

We will put quality over quantity and to provide better candidates who find it refreshing and reassuring to know that we are exclusively working on your behalf.

You will not be hassled by multiple recruiters for calls, CV feedback, interview times.

We can be more flexible on fees for exclusive customers as we realise that they can turn into high-quality repeat business.