How to Attract Top IT Talent

Recruit IT Staff Bulgaria

Recruiting the best IT talent was already difficult before the pandemic but has become a whole lot harder. Knowing your own requirements to build an IT talent acquisition plan is vital, however, you also need to understand what candidates are looking for when they search for a job because recruitment is not a one-sided process especially to Recruit IT Staff in Bulgaria.

IT roles are known to be high-turnover positions as the industry attracts people who seek a challenge, so a plan to lengthen your IT employee lifecycle by recruiting employees who wish to learn, develop and be part of a team that can help recruit and retain staff.

IT talent managers need technical skills, but they also must be able to evaluate how the staff will fit into your organisation. This article looks at ways that your business can recruit the best IT staff.

Differentiate Your Employer Brand to Recruit IT Staff in Bulgaria

Most IT staff learn about the prospect companies through the companies’ content and media, such as blogs, news, and videos during their job hunting. This means that it is important that your organisation to be visible and clear where you differentiate to your prospective employees.

Use Your Employee’s Network

Besides posting jobs from your usual channels, it is also good to ask your employees to help post them on their social media by simply resharing or retweeting your posts. Then you will not underestimate the power of your own employee’s connections.

Invest in the Right Hiring Tools

AI-powered tools can measure a candidate’s coding competency based on the overall code quality and logical correctness not only based on the complete correctness.

Take Part in Events

Search for online meetups, conferences, user groups that align with the scope of your open positions and offer your IT staff the chance to present at the specific event.

Offer An Incentive for A Successful Referral

Stimulate interest by offering an incentive to your team for a referral that results in a hire.

Use Your Tech Team’s Connections

Hire The Best IT Staff

If you start out by hiring the best IT staff for your team then this will send out the right message and you will have a much lesser problem in hiring other people as they will prefer to work alongside experts.

Support Remote Work

Make it possible for your employees to work remotely some of the time as this flexibility will greatly enhance the job offer.

Promote Continuous Learning and Skill Development

IT staff want the chance to learn new skills and technology, so offer your prospective employees the chance to learn new skills.

Offer Interesting Career Paths

If you want to attract top talent, you also need to offer an attractive career path. Employees want to grow in their careers, so employers need to help them to achieve their goals too.

Provide Differentiated Perks and Benefits That Matter

Think of perks and benefits that matter to employees such as a self-development project where they can learn new skills.

Recruit IT Staff in Bulgaria with an Experienced Recruitment Agency Partner

While attempting to find your own IT staff in Bulgaria is an option, partnering with a specialist recruitment company such as Top Skills is likely to achieve faster results due to our knowledge of the market, extended reach and access to key strategic skills.