How To Land The Best IT Jobs In Bulgaria

най-добрите ИТ позиции

There is a demand for IT jobs both at traditional tech companies and at companies in other industries, such as health care, retail, and finance but how do you find the Best IT Jobs in Bulgaria with the best employers?

The top employers need employees with tech skills in areas, such as cybersecurity, software development, data analytics, and artificial intelligence and are looking for the best staff in a very competitive market. This is a guide to help you land a great job at one of Bulgaria’s leading employees.

What Are Employers Looking For?

Hiring managers are looking for intelligent and passionate individuals who will help the company succeed. Specific things recruiters want to see include:


This skillset can include a range of things depending on the job type, from programming in different coding languages like Java, Python, C+, and more, to doing statistical analysis using software like Tableau, R, and SQL, to understanding user experience and interface design.

Problem Solving

IT professionals need to know how to break down problems into smaller understandable components to piece back together a completed finished product.

A big part of working in IT involves being creative about getting to solutions, collaborating and communicating with colleagues working on similar projects, and organizing your projects effectively.

It is very competitive to get to land an interview for an IT job with a leading employer in Bulgaria, the following actions will help you get an interview with your employer of choice:

Make Your Research

Take the time to research and educate yourself on the company or the sector you are targeting and the technologies that they use.

Use Job Boards

A great way to aid your search is to peruse job boards and sign up for job information. Many of the jobs will not be suitable but you may find one or two that are worth pursuing.


Start-ups are a great way to learn more, faster in a smaller organisation which will help propel you to the leading employers that you are seeking.

Tailor Everything

Be specific and send our tailor-made cover letters and CVs to the prospective employees.

Practice for the Interview

Have your elevator pitch ready, know all you need to know about the role, and the company.

Join Career Sites

Although LinkedIn is the most well-known career networking and job listing site, there are some career sites in Bulgaria for IT professionals that are worth using.

Visit Career Fairs

Job fairs are another excellent way to communicate with potential employers and can be found throughout the year.

Practice Networking

Staying connected to the IT community in Bulgaria is important, even if you’re not looking for a job now you never know when you may be seeking a new opportunity.

Connect with Recruitment Agencies to Find the Best IT Jobs in Bulgaria

Recruitment agencies such as Top Skills work closely with the leading companies in Bulgaria and understand what the employers are looking for.

You may have been searching for that perfect job for months, but it seems like there is not a suitable job with a top employer in Bulgaria available. The job search process is time-consuming and tiring, so it would be better if someone else could perform this activity for you?

This is where recruitment agencies like Top Skills can help. Most Job-seekers do not have the expertise and network of recruitment agencies to find their next job. The role of a recruitment agency involves around working with employers and job seekers to facilitate a successful job match.