Screening Candidates in Bulgaria

Скрининг на Кандидати в България

Sorting through the applicants and finding outstanding performers among your candidates can be a daunting process. However, you know that an applicant is really the right person for the position and that they will fit into your team, so Candidate Screening in Bulgaria is vital before making any decisions.

Here are some of the methods that we use at Top Skills Recruitment to screen candidates in Bulgaria, so that you get the right personnel for your job vacancies in Bulgaria.

Skills Testing

Skills testing is not something that you will be able to tell from resumes, reference checks and looking up your candidates online.

At Top Skills Recruitment, we use skills tests at the very beginning of the application process so that candidates who do not know how to do the actual job are discarded at the very start.

This is a great way is great of screening for hiring developers, marketers, and salespeople.

Resume Screening

We look for the following information while screening candidates.

Cover Letters

At Top Skills we encourage all candidates to provide a cover letter. We provide guidance about the content of the cover letter including:

Applicant tracking systems

At Top Skills, we use an applicant tracking system that automatically checks resumes and finds the best candidates, which makes screening candidates extremely fast, without totally relying on keywords, so as not to miss suitable applicants because they used the wrong terms in their applications.

Reference Checking

Top Skills perform reference checks on all candidates that are about to be offered a job. When doing the reference check we will:

Check Online

We Google the candidate and check on the social media to discover if there is anything untoward about the candidate that would make the hire undesirable for your company.

Phone or Video Interviews

Phone or Videos interviews are excellent ways of communicating with candidates before calling them in for a proper interview. On a phone or video interview we:

Top Skills Candidate Screening in Bulgaria

Top Skills uses a combination of the above methods to quickly select the best candidates eliminate the bulk of unqualified candidates before you look at their resume or ask them in for an interview.