Call Centre Team Leaders

ръководител екип кол център

The role of Call Centre Team Leaders is very important to have the right people in the right place in a virtually run call centre. Call volumes move up and down and deploying skilled staff is required.

With 54% of office workers wishing for more flexibility in their job, having your team work from home provides agents with a flexible work schedule and can enjoy flexible scheduling options and mobile access to fulfil customer’s needs

Optimising Your Virtual Staff and Operations to Ensure Excellent Customer Care

Your customers drive your business, making sure that they are taken care of is of primary importance. It is vital that customer care is optimised when managing a remote call centre team.

Many contact centres have seen an increase in call volume of around 20% during the Covid-19 pandemic showing why remote contact centre solutions have never been more important.

From managing employee productivity to optimising customer service, Customer care is a primary concern in a socially distanced business, with customers demanding an omnichannel system of communication.

The Importance of Call Centre Team Leaders

Call centre team leaders who are uninspiring and ineffective can have an extremely negative impact on their direct reports. On the other hand, good call centre team leaders are responsible for:

Call Centre Team Leader Skills

While there are many different styles of leadership to being a good call centre team leader there are some few essential skills and qualities that every good leader needs:

Customer Service

A call centre team leader’s management skills are partially responsible for the quality of your company’s customer service. They have to manage your agents and how they respond to and handle customer inquires, complaints, and problems.

Empower Your Team

Call centre team leaders who empower their employees are more likely to be trusted, because managers who allow their agents to take on greater accountability and the opportunity to expand their knowledge result in a more proactive workforce.

Employee Monitoring and Training

It is the team leader’s job to monitor employee performance to track progress, identify potential issues and to motivate staff to reach their full potential and meet their goals.

Effective Communication

Call centre team leaders must know how to communicate changes quickly and directly to others to inspire, motivate, and persuade their agents to achieve their goals.

Problem Solving

Customers can get angry leading to agents getting frustrated, and small issues can grow into larger problems. A call centre team leader must keep a level head and quickly solve the problems before they become unmanageable.

Demonstrating Integrity

Call centre team leaders that demonstrate honesty, integrity, and other moral principles are much more likely to lead high-performing teams with lower employee turnover, better customer engagement, and more satisfied employees.

Top Skills recruitment process starts with vigorous background screening before a call is made. We assess the candidate’s resume, social media profile and previous work experience.

From then, we start to understand who the candidate is, their experience level and the success that they have had in customer service roles. We also look at their skill sets and educational achievements when judging if they are a suitable call centre team leader.