Gaming Development Bulgaria

разработчик на видеоигри

The console, streaming and mobile interactive space is booming right now and is a field where only specialist search firms survive and prosper as many games professionals are either quite adept at how to hire talent or know how to pick the right recruiter. Gaming Development Bulgaria is also a very popular industry and the profession “Video game developer” is quite in demand.

Many IT firms try to get involved in gaming development but find it hard as the specialist gaming companies have staff who have worked in gaming development for all their careers – often for the same business. The gaming industry itself doesn’t have much crossover even with similar categories like gambling and esports.

Gaming Development Recruitment

The team at Top Skills understands that gaming development is a niche in the IT industry and as the necessary network to find the appropriate staff. 

Understand your needs

Whether it’s an individual, a team, a managed contractor program, or an outsourced project, we work with you to understand challenges, constraints, and desired outcomes. 

Recruit and vet

Our recruiters identify talent for your unique needs leveraging their extensive and vet talent through video interviews, portfolio reviews, and skills assessments, and present the top candidates to you.

Hire and onboard

All talent, regardless of engagement type, are evaluated against client-specific requirements and undergo thorough background checks. 

With experienced recruiters who are dedicated to the video game industry, we can find the highly specialized talent you need to support your business.

Our candidates can expect to work with a discrete, dedicated recruiter who will support them through their entire search and beyond and our clients can expect an honest assessment of their search requirements and a dedicated effort from our team.

Because we have worked in the industry, over 80% of our business is referral based. Simply put, we either know our candidates or have been referred to a candidate by someone we know. This results in a higher quality of candidate for our clients and better opportunities for our candidates.

Gaming Development Bulgaria and the Right Skills

You will need a passion for games, technical skills and the ability to work on your own and with a team to succeed as a games developer.

Working in games development, you’ll be involved in the creation and production of games for personal computers, games consoles, social/online games, arcade games, tablets, mobile phones and other handheld devices.

With a large games company, you may focus on a particular area of programming such as network, engine, graphic, toolchain and artificial intelligence. With a smaller independent ‘indie’ game producer, there’s often much less of a distinction between the role of developer and designer, and your job may incorporate both programming and design.

The making of a game from concept to finished product and there are several stages, including creating and designing a game’s look and how it plays, animating characters and objects, creating audio, programming, localisation, testing, editing and producing.