Recruitment Trends 2022 in Bulgaria

Recruitment Trends 2022

Dramatic shifts in the availability of talent have forced recruiters to become more innovative and agile and so the recruitment trends 2022 were emerged. Talent teams are having to get more creative by prioritising candidate experience, employer branding and using alternative sourcing channels. 

Every organisation must be proactively recruiting to be able find enough people to fill roles.  Here are the top recruitment trends that businesses must consider:

Recruitment Is Highly Candidate Driven

When there are a lot of open positions and fewer qualified candidates means that candidates have the upper hand in negotiating salaries and can be more selective. In this situation, employees must provide:

Remote Recruitment Is Here for the Long Term

Recruitment trends 2022 – more and more candidates are looking for hybrid work opportunities, and remote recruitment allows hiring managers to cast a wider net to source quality applicants. Not to mention that remote recruitment saves time, reduces recruitment costs, and allows for more efficient ways to screen candidates.

Automation and AI are essential

With today’s candidate-driven market, time to fill vacancies is a major differentiator when it comes to hiring top talent. Automation and AI can do mundane recruitment tasks, freeing up your team’s time and enabling them to focus on things that need more human intervention. Automation and AI also helps in eliminating bias and improving candidate engagement.

Hiring Decisions Are Aided by Analytics

AI uses past data to analyse hiring metrics. With analytics, recruiters can develop more effective recruitment strategies and source, interview, and assess applicants better such as where and when to post jobs.

Important to Provide Better Employee Value Propositions

It is vital to make your employee value proposition stand out and seek candidates who will either fit or add to the work environment. Make sure that your careers site reflects your core values, culture, and diversity. Provide clear career paths, and guide candidates to the opportunities that would be most relevant for them. 

Recruiters Are Seeking Out Passive Candidates

Candidates who are “not actively looking for a job” are passive candidates and usually end up being better hires because they aren’t just keen about leaving their current employer; they choose you for your unique employer brand or something genuinely exciting about the opportunity. Seeking passive candidates is more about fostering a relationship with job seekers over time as they learn more about why they should consider changing jobs.

Gen Z Is Entering The Workforce

Gen Zers are graduating from high school, trade schools, and universities to enter the workforce. They are the most likely to do their research about your company on social media, and they do not appreciate outdated recruitment methods. Mobile-optimized application processes are preferred, and they will quickly move on to different opportunities if they aren’t engaged during each hiring stage.

Following the pandemic, people are considering taking on short-term employment as a means of a flexible and stable income which allows companies to hire temporary staff who will deliver high impact work without going through a full recruitment process.

High-Volume Recruitment has Become More Popular

High-volume recruitment requires filling a large number of positions in a short period of time. Traditionally, high-volume recruitment was viewed as being exclusively for hourly, seasonal or graduate recruits. Over the past year, there has been an increase in high-volume recruitment for regular full-time roles. 

Leverage Internal Mobility

During 2020, many organisations were forced to redeploy talent at-speed to survive. 

Giving employees internal development opportunities keeps them invested in their career growth with your company and is a great way to retain valuable talent. 

Personalising Candidate Touchpoints

2022’s best talent acquisition teams will use personalised candidate experiences using automation but not at the expense of alienating employees.

Collaborative Hiring

Including your entire team in the recruiting process could help you build a substantial pool of qualified candidates that are more productive and loyal to the business. 

Use of Transferable Skills

In certain industries, it’s becoming increasingly hard to find skilled individuals. In response, recruiters have started to look beyond the limitations of their industry to find talented candidates. This has resulted in a shift from experience-based hiring to hiring based on transferable skills.

Building Talent Pools

Building a talent pool gives recruiters ready access to qualified and talented candidates. Talent pools don’t only consist of candidates that have simply applied for jobs. They also include candidates that were sourced, referred, and joined your team through the inbound method.

Project-based hiring.

In 2022, there has been a shift from job description-based recruiting to project-based recruiting which enables employees to target talented individuals who are the best in their field for each project.

Recruitment Trends 2022 - Take Control of Your Recruitment Strategy

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