Language recruitment services Bulgaria

Language recruitment services Bulgaria

Top Skills is an established agency who offers language recruitment services in Bulgaria. We provide temporary, contract and permanent bilingual jobs. Our bilingual recruiters work with international businesses across Bulgaria and Europe to offer bilingual jobs for an impressive range of clients.  These include cutting edge start-ups to multinationals in many sectors including media, law, pharmaceuticals, investment, technology and fashion.

Our language recruitment agency offers multilingual jobs for numerous areas of business including administration, sales, marketing, accounts, legal, customer service, IT help desk, research, purchasing, supply chain and translation.

If you are a talented professional with skills in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish we know companies that want to hear from you. Our talented recruitment team evaluates various vacancies and hand-picks the ones best suited to your experience and your abilities. 

There are lots of advantages of being bilingual and bilingualism will give you an edge in countless jobs. Here are four reasons why:

Jobs That Require Foreign Language Skills


This is one of the top foreign language careers in high demand, and it’s also one of the most rewarding. Most interpreting jobs require the interpreter to have a degree, speak the target language fluently, and in some cases, hold a certification.


As a translator, it’s more than just knowing the grammar of another language, it’s about understanding the audience’s culture. 

Human Resources Specialist

Many organizations understand the importance of having a diverse staff that bring various skills, talents, and knowledge to the table.

Hotel Manager

By knowing another language, you can identify and address international visitors’ needs accordingly. Hotel management requires a diverse range of abilities, from training staff to coordinating events. 

Product Localisation Manager

As a product localisation manager, you’d be responsible for managing a team of translators, understanding the needs of the new market, coordinating product launches, and more activities. 

Liaison Officer

A liaison officer coordinates the activities of two parties and are the face and the force of the parties they represent. Likewise, the position requires relationship building. Liaison officers are the glue that holds two distinct parties together.

International Sales

Regardless of where you work, international sales positions often require language skills and enough cultural competency to avoid offending.

If you have learned a foreign language, you are probably a confident individual with great communications skills. This means that Sales jobs are a perfect option in terms of careers you can get with foreign languages. 

Customer Service Representative

Customer Service jobs provide you with the gratification of solving customers’ issues and advising them effectively in a language that might not be your mother tongue.

Whether dealing with customer complaints or queries, invariably customer service representatives provide the first impression that customers have of a company, and we all know just how important first impressions are.

Information Technology

Being bilingual/multilingual in this ever-growing sector is a huge asset for workers. The tech industry in the digital age is perhaps more representative of the global marketplace than any other. The world of technology knows no international boundaries, and workers in the industry from programmers, software engineers, to customer support will all find the ability to communicate in a second language very advantageous. 

Healthcare Professionals

Hospitals and clinics in areas with large multicultural populations are invariably going to need to be able to communicate important medical advice to patients whose first language is not Bulgarian. Employment opportunities exist in this area for doctors, nurses, and emergency responders who are bilingual/multilingual. 


Banks are always in need of employees who speak multiple languages. Money is a sensitive subject and no one wants to make financial decisions they don’t fully understand.


Whether running a business or doing taxes, most of us want to have conversations about our accounts in our main language. A multilingual accountant is essential for companies that do business internationally.


Multilingual marketing professionals can create marketing materials in foreign languages and use their breadth of cultural understanding to craft messages that resonate with a wider audience.

Language Recruitment Services

Gain access to our pool of bilingual professionals and get to know handpicked candidates selected for your business. From upcoming trends to where are the best candidates for your opening, our knowledgeable bilingual recruiters will be completely dedicated to finding the right fit for your needs and your company.

Let us take care of your bilingual staffing so you can focus on your business. After discussing your requirements for your new team member, our expert group of bilingual recruiters will get to work and find passionate professionals boasting bilingual skills.