Data Security Analyst Bulgaria

Data Security Analyst Bulgaria

A specialist Data Security Analyst Bulgaria can find work across a range of industries, including consulting, information, computer systems design and banking. 

Data security analysts plan and execute the protection of information found on computers and data networks, working with employees of organisations to make sure they are educated on security protocol. 

Security analysts will ensure that the information stored on computers or networks is not disclosed to unwanted parties or modified inadvertently and may also create and maintain security systems. If the data is compromised, security analysts repair the damage and take measures to seal the security hole that enabled the data compromise. 

The Cyber Security Job Market

The Cybersecurity job market is extremely challenging where it is essential to develop and show expertise to candidates who are in high demand.

Top Skills offers an IT recruitment service that is tailored to your needs, and these are some of the reasons why our clients use our team of recruitment experts:

We are recognised for the high level of service we bring to clients throughout the recruitment process but equally during the candidate’s onboarding into your organisation. Types of vacancies we fill include:

Our extensive network includes technology and risk experts with experience protecting businesses against both internal and external threats and vulnerabilities. Whether your business is adopting security controls and measures for the first time, or is looking to mature a pre-existing function, we will partner with you to provide industry-leading authorities, capable of creating a best-in-class security posture.

We operate at all levels of the information and cyber security spectrum, from technical and project delivery through to board level advisory. 

Permanent Recruitment

Our team will support you from the moment we have agreed to collaborate and will help you to put together an attractive job description to appeal to the best quality candidates thus saving time and money.

Beyond our candidate sourcing and head-hunting services, our recruiters will support you throughout the recruitment process by analysing the market and giving you insights such as candidate psychology, negotiating and closing which are very important and crucial in this market.

Contractors (Freelance)

Our contractor approach is tailored to address the freelance market efficiently and meet customer needs that require a very fast and rigorous identification of highly qualified candidates.

We will support you from the candidate identification through to contractual agreements and payment terms with the contractor.