Recruitment Software

Recruitment Software in Bulgaria

Top Skills uses quality Recruitment Software in Bulgaria which provides a central location and database for all our recruitment. Recruiting software tools lets us easily post jobs on multiple forums, screen resumes, schedule candidate interviews, review applicants, send offer letters amongst many other useful functions. 

Using recruitment software in Bulgaria makes it easier for us to narrow the number of applicants by searching applications for specific candidate criteria. As well as customising workflows and applying search filters our software can:

Streamlining recruiting functions increases efficiency by screening out unqualified applicants early in the process, reducing administrative burden across all functions, and providing analytics about the entire process.

Workforce Planning

We Import LinkedIn profiles to our candidate database, parse candidatespublic information and shortlist those that best fit the position requirements.

Candidate Sourcing

We use a single platform to share your job openings on free and premium channels, including local, global, and specialised job platforms such as Indeed and LinkedIn.

Candidate Acquisition

Our recruiting software simplifies the whole hiring process by suggesting the best candidates for a given job while automating redundant tasks.

It can score candidates’ profiles based on job requirements to facilitate the screening process and leverage AI Recommendations to automate tasks to identify the most relevant candidates in our database.

Our screening process automation lets us focus on the best people for the job by eliminating unqualified candidates using pre-screening video questions that help you determine candidates’ interpersonal skills, salary expectations, availability to relocate, and future goals.

Applicant Tracking

We streamline your hiring processes with our holistic candidate profiles, custom fields and powerful search.

Hiring isnt just about posting job ads and catching the attention of candidates. Our methodology is designed to streamline the process, providing:

We are focused on improving the interview process on both sides of the table. Its process begins with the candidate answering a few questions which then generates a response sheet for the recruiter or interviewer.

Based on this information, the interviewer can inspire more natural and focused conversation to help in making the right hiring decision. The list of questions can be selected based on the type of position the candidate is applying for, making it more informative to the interviewer.


We track and manage every new hire or placement throughout every step of their employment experience, from offer letter to onboarding and beyond by customising the onboarding milestones to reflect your own process.

Our software also allows us keep track of onboarding events such as starting dates, probation periods, or end of employment.


We track your leads and manage your clients using hiring analytics to track, measure, and analyse applicant data.