Today is World Smile Day, which this year coincides with Top Skills Recruitment 5th Birthday! Because of this, we are celebrating with even bigger smiles 😁

When the recruitment agency was founded in 2017, we had absolutely no idea where we would be 5 years later. In the beginning, we were 2 people, assisting only for permanent and temporary employment, while now our team has grown tremendously. This allowed us to create departments – BPO, IT, Business Development and Marketing, as well as to expand our range of services. Currently, we offer career counseling and motivational profile building, language courses and corporate training and headhunting. The quality of our services is recognized both locally and internationally. We are often featured in rankings, and this year we were recognized as the best employer and most successful agency in the headhunting category.

Certainly, these 5 years have passed imperceptibly. When you are dedicated to what you are doing, you don’t notice how fast time flies because you are completely devoted to your aspirations, which in our case is to help as many people as possible to find the most suitable job for them. The last 5 years were a period of constant development and getting out of the comfort zone, because this is the only way to achieve results. It definitely wasn’t easy, but that didn’t stop us from working for what we wanted. And because we didn’t give up, this year we are celebrating our 5th birthday. And of course, Top Skills Recruitment 5th Birthday wouldn’t be possible without our wonderful team, for whom work is a vocation. Dreams come true when you are surrounded by the right people.


Thanks to our ambitious and talented team, none of this would be as good as it actually is!