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What makes an agency successful are the people who are part of it ???? This time in Top Skills Insider we will introduce you to Rossi – a recruitment specialist and one of the latest additions to our team. What Rossi likes to do when he’s not talking to someone about starting a new job, see below ????

What is your recipe for success?

Getting out of the frames we set for ourselves. Every step outside the comfort zone equals success.

What is the one thing you like and would never change about Top Skills?

The freedom to develop your ideas and the smiles of colleagues. ????


What’s a habit you’ve picked up since being a part of Top Skills?

To keep notes on everything.

Which would you choose – email or call (video call, phone)?

In verbal communication, more of the mood of the interlocutor is perceived, there is more color – a call.

What kind of person are you – do you save or spend your salary immediately?

Is there a woman who answered the first?

What’s your hobby?

Astrology, psychology, poetry writing.

Something that others don’t suspect about you?

The rest do not suspect that if they tell me the year, date and time of birth, I will be able to understand things that they themselves do not suspect about themselves.

Book, movie or song that inspired you/highly recommend?

Book – “Journey to yourself”, Blaga Dimitrova

Movie – Interstellar

Song – Goo Goo Dolls, Iris

What is the last joke/prank/meme that made you laugh?


Кой е въпросът, който не обичаш да ти бъде задаван?

“Как се виждаш след 10 години?”

Aко искате да се свържете с Роси, за да намерите нова работа или да получите кариерен съвет, можете да го направите на [email protected],  а ако искате да й благодарите за помощта и насоките, оставeте отзив на този линк.


What is the question you don’t like to be asked?

“How do you see yourself in 10 years?”

If you want to contact Rossi to find a new job or get career advice, you can do it at [email protected], and if you want to thank her for her help and guidance, leave a review at this link.