Faster, Easier Accounting and Finance Recruitment in Bulgaria

Find The Best Accounting Skills In Bulgaria
Faster, easier accounting and finance hiring. Find permanent, interim and temporary candidates with the accounting and finance skills your business requires.
Save time and effort by letting handling us all the hiring legwork and scheduling interviews

Top Skills Accounting and Finance Recruitment in Bulgaria can quickly find permanent, interim and temporary candidates with the accounting and finance skills your business requires in Bulgaria and the rest of the European Union.

We save you time and effort by handling the complete hiring process, and by scheduling convenient interviews, with top accountancy and finance candidates.

Top Skills Recruitment works with companies of all types and sizes to match them with accounting and finance professionals across Bulgaria and the European Union, according to specific hiring needs.

We have a database of auditors, management accountants, treasury and tax professionals, banking and insurance professionals, mergers and acquisitions specialists, risk management experts, compliance professionals and corporate accountants, and we can help find the right professionals with the right skill set for your vacant positions.

Top Skills Recruitment take a consultative approach to hiring, meaning that we place value on long-term relationships that last far beyond the first placement.

Tailored Personalised Accounting and Finance Recruitment Bulgaria Service

Recruiting accounting and finance personnel is a serious responsibility as you rely on these employees to keep your financial situation healthy and compliant.

You need your accounting and finance staff to be skilled, experienced, and reliable but qualified accounting and finance personnel are in short supply.

Top Skills Recruitment can help you find the best possible staff for these highly important roles from both a job responsibility and cultural perspective.

Top Skills Recruitment provides a tailored service and a personalised approach to understanding your company. This approach enables us to source qualified, proven accounting and finance personnel professionals for your workforce.

We develop and nurture partnerships with our clients and we believe that the interview stage is the crucial first step to attaining a long-term employee.

We will share our insight and knowledge of the employment market and apply our expertise to search for and recruit the best talent.

Together, we can find valuable additions to your accounting and finance team.

We are a Specialist In Accounting and Finance Recruitment in Bulgaria

Whether it is for accounting or finance positions in Bulgaria, our recruitment  consultants at Top Skills Recruitment are able to locate the right candidates who possess the skills that you need.

We are experts in finance and accountancy recruitment covering a wide range of accounting and finance roles in various industries:

We can supply the following types of staff:

We handle the entire hiring process for you, from promoting your job and company to extending offers and negotiating pay.

We offer flexible, on-demand recruitment to help manage dynamic workloads, project work or employee absences.

We can source skilled professionals with the appropriate technical setup so they can start remote work quickly.

Our Streamlined Accounting and Finance Recruitment Process in Bulgaria

Throughout the Accounting and Finance Recruitment Bulgaria process Top Skills Recruitment will work in partnership with your organisation.  We will be dedicated, motivated, open and transparent to ensure that the best staff are quickly found.

Top Skills Recruitment will take a full brief from you for the available position, including work scope and responsibilities, required skills and your company culture. We will agree timeframes with your organisation for the recruitment process.

We will create a long list of professionals with skills suitable for your role. To create this long list Top Skills Recruitment will:

  1. – Use its qualified talent pool
  2. – Use its extensive contacts to reach out to excellent individuals who are not yet registered but who could be a perfect match.
  3. – Use its customized database system to communicate faster and more effectively with active and passive candidates
  4. Advertise in the appropriate media channels
  5. Act upon referrals
  6. Send out email campaigns
  7. Be active on Social Networks

Top Skills Recruitment will always conduct our own prescreening interview with every candidate we propose to you.

Our accounting and finance recruitment consultants are experts in conducting interviews and assessing the suitability of candidates for your position from a technical, personality and behavioral perspective. The questions will be tailored to your role and the candidate’s resume.

A shortlist featuring only the most appropriate candidates will be presented to you, along with their resumes.

We consider it essential to brief candidates on your role before sending you their resume. This ensures candidates are committed to interview with you.

We will organise and coordinate the interview timetable between you and the candidate.

Feedback is essential to a successful interview process. Your Top Skills recruitment consultant will provide you with candidate feedback after each interview and pass on your feedback to candidates.

Reference checking is an extremely important part of the recruitment process. We will aim at carrying out a minimum of two reference checks from qualified individuals when possible.

We will verify professional qualifications, manage the candidate offer process and coordinate potential counter offers.

Once a successful candidate has been chosen, we will complete all the paperwork, agree terms and conditions, and confirm the appointment.

After the candidate has started work, we will conduct regular follow-up with both the candidate and the recruiter to ensure a smooth introduction into your business.

For every recruitment campaign, our goal is to deliver the best talent to your business.

We provide a complete recruitment service for accounting and finance in Bulgaria roles at all levels, from CFOs to account assistants.

We have a wide network of contacts to assist you with your hiring requirements for high-calibre temporary and permanent accounting and finance professionals.