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Top Skills Recruitment offers a range of corporate training services in Bulgaria, which help our clients enhance the performance of the workforce and make your organisation function more effectively.

For you to so stay up to date and competitive, your employees in must perform at their best.  Top Skills delivers engaging and innovative corporate training services in Bulgaria that is aligned with your business and results in enhanced productivity and employee performance.

This, in turn, improves employee satisfaction levels and boosts employee morale.

Our training services are customised to reflect the unique needs of each client. Services include but are not limited to the following areas.

Language Training in Bulgaria

Corporate language learning in Bulgaria may be a job requirement or development opportunity.

Top Skills Recruitment have a team of committed language trainers in Bulgaria who dedicate to providing you with the best language training to suit your needs and objectives.

Our language trainers come from a variety of backgrounds with first-rate qualifications and the appropriate business sector experience.

The need to able to communicate clearly and convincingly is vital in business today.

Top Skills language training improves internal and international business communications with a solution that match roles, needs, and skill levels.

Top Skills offers customised language training to individuals or group classes which provide the most efficient and effective solutions to the requirements of your business.

While we offer general language training programs, we can also provide specific programs customised to various industries like financial services, healthcare, logistics, hospitality, etc. Those programs focus specifically on sector specific language learning and can get results quickly.

HR Training in Bulgaria

From growing desired cultural behaviour to preventing litigious situations, professionally designed HR training strategies can help your company build a stronger identity and mitigate risk.

Our HR training approach will create a better working environment for your employees and customisable for each client that we work with.

Firstly, we will first take the time and effort to evaluate your business and culture as each HR training course must be modelled for your environment. 

Then we will implement a wide range of HR training and educational services to assist in fostering teamwork and motivating your employees.

Structured Human Resource Training

HR training will assist in building a strong employer-employee relationship, our HR training team will assist you in creating a positive work environment for employees to enjoy and be more productive.

Starting with training for supervisors, we will build on your current HR set up and assist you in establishing best practices for documenting performance evaluations, customising training materials for specific employees, and creating an environment favourable to learning.

Finance and Accounting Training in Bulgaria

Finance and accounting work is not simple, and not everybody has the same level of experience.

At Top Skills Recruitment, we will help your employees fill any pre-existing skill gaps and learn the required finance and accounting skills needed for their job.

We will conduct a skills gap assessment to identify your employees’ knowledge and competency gaps, then we will create a customised finance and accounting training plan for your employees to meet your education expectations.

We will arrange for the finance and accounting training to be completed in a timeframe that is fits in with your employees and organisation.

The Top Skills finance and accounting training program can be designed for new hires or existing staff and includes courses for both non-financial staff and financial professionals.

Soft Skills Training

Effective communication, people, and time management skills are essential skills for every person in your organisation.

You can trust Top Skills Recruitment to provide high-quality consistent soft skills training in Bulgaria to every level and department in your organisation.

We have a proven track record, and have delivered customised soft skills courses for some of the largest companies operating in Bulgaria.

Soft Skills Training is Needed in Every Industry

Qualifications are excellent for demonstrating technical abilities, but collaboration as a team is just as important. Strong soft skills will improve workplace relationships, improve productivity, and cut down on complaints and harassment problems that HR must deal with.

When building a team your managers have to consider their team members’ personalities, attitudes, and their ability to work together. The best teams are not always made up of the most skilled personnel – you need a mixture of soft skills and effective communication to get the best out of their abilities.

Good communication involves active listening, high levels of comprehension, reading indications and body language. Soft skills highlight the difference between listening to what someone has to say, as opposed to merely hearing them speak.