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As a leading recruitment agency in Sofia, Bulgaria, we can simplify your search for quality candidates. It’s about the right fit, not just filling an open position
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Top executives often do not apply for jobs, instead they get headhunted – This is why you need Executive Search Recruitment Services in Bulgaria.

Top Skills Recruitment, based in Sofia, are a recognised leader in Executive Search Recruitment Services Bulgaria and will assist your business in the recruitment of highly qualified executives with our in-country networks.

We operate throughout the European Union and have successfully placed senior candidates in executive roles for many leading international companies in countries such as The Netherlands, Germany, Austria and others.

We use a /disruptive/ approach to executive recruitment to help you find the ideal profile that you are searching for.

What Makes Top Skills Executive Search Recruitment Services Bulgaria Different?

Our specialist executive recruiter will work closely with you to define your requirements, recommend the best way to find the right talent, and convince your chosen candidate to join your company.

For recruitment of strategic roles, in addition to technical skills required, it is important for us to understand the candidate’s character and potential. Our range of personality assessment tools will help you uncover leadership style and soft skills.

When sourcing the best executives, speed and agility during the search is often the difference between getting the candidate that you want. Our database and networking skills help us to identify the right candidates quickly.

Our Executive Search Recruitment Services Bulgaria Methodology

At Top Skills, your specialist consultant dedicated to your search will possess a deep knowledge in relation to candidate assessment, attraction, and retention. The appointed consultant will manage the entire process, from initial briefing, market mapping, to the research and selection process integrated within your team. 

  • – Arrange an exploratory meeting to understand your company requirements and culture
  • – Use our local expertise and international reach to create a list of potential candidates
  • – Perform candidate interviews built around skill sets, psychometric data and personality
  • – Deliver a fully screened shortlist of candidates matching your job position profile within an agreed time frame
  • – Manage the job offer using negotiation techniques that will deliver the best results
  • – Provide on boarding assistance adapted to aid in settling in period

Our Specialist Practice Areas

Top Skills Recruitment is trusted by our large customer base across a wide range of market sectors in Bulgaria and the European Union.

  • – Outsourcing & Business Services (which includes all the multilingual positions for call centres and technical help desk positions)
  • – Financial Services, Accounting & Insurance
  • – Information Technologies (IT)
  • – Construction and Engineering
  • – Manufacturing and Production
  • – Sales and Marketing
  • – Human Resources (HR)
  • Logistics and Transportation

What We Can Offer Our Executive Job Hunters in Bulgaria

Every day we receive new positions and will check them against your skills and experience to see whether your application will be in line with our clients’ needs.

If your application matches a requirement then we will invite you to a meeting to discuss the position further

Top Skills Recruitment guarantee confidentiality at all times and our both our clients or candidates have the assurance that we will remain professional at all times.

Additional Executive Search Recruitment Services in Bulgaria


At Top Skills Recruitment, we have expert executive recruitment consultants who are trained in analysing and assessing candidate capabilities to generate a qualified shortlist of candidates for every executive search that we do.

Our consultants are trained in the use of psychometric tools and we help clients to:

The assessment process will then provide a more objective measure of candidates’ competencies, personality, and motivation to ensure that our clients gather a complete picture of the candidate and avoid expensive hiring mistakes.

Top Skills Recruitment provides business coaching from highly qualified professionals that grow your executive’s leadership skills, so that they can respond to change, grasp business opportunities and achieve their own objectives.

The first three months of your new employee’s career with your organisation is vital to both short and long-term success, but this is often ignored after the first week of introductions and explanations.

Top Skills Recruitment provides consultancy to a ensure successful on-boarding, so that each new hire has a positive impact in a short period of time.

If our clients wish to gain a deeper understanding of the available talent across Bulgaria or the European Union, Top Skills Recruitment can provide the research to identify the best candidates according to role and region.

We frequently work in support of the in-house recruitment team to search for talent.

Top Skills Recruitment provides market intelligence on remuneration and benefits in Bulgaria and other European Union countries, so that your company can be competitive in terms of remuneration and benefits and become the employer of choice.

Pricing Strategy

Depending on the positions we will work on we build individual pricing structures, either a success fee (%) upon placement of a candidate, or a fixed fee, sometimes prepayment is also included depending on client/position/industry.


Our service gives you a guarantee on our candidates. This demonstrates our confidence in filling key positions with experts who make a long-term impact.

In the unlikely event that a placed candidate does not work out, your business is backed by our recruitment success guarantee.

Non-solicitation clause – we will not poach any of your employees at least 1 year from each placement we do for your company.

Executive Search Recruitment Services Bulgaria Summary

It is exceedingly difficult for an organisation to recover from the mismanagement that comes with poor leadership selection.

Every organisation is looking for leaders who have the skills and experience necessary to succeed, can plan corporate strategy, and fit in with the organisational culture.

Our Executive Search Recruitment Services in  Bulgaria are set up to identify and attract leaders to your organisation and build appropriate compensation and retention structures.