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Faster, easier IT hiring. Find permanent, interim and temporary candidates skills in the information technology field that your business requires.
Save time and effort by letting handling us all the hiring legwork and scheduling interviews

The breadth of contacts that Top Skills Recruitment has accumulated over the years has helped us achieve great success in attracting top candidates for the businesses that we work for. In fact, many of our clients use our our IT Recruitment Bulgaria exclusively for technology recruitment.

In an increasingly competitive industry, our team continue to add value to each recruitment campaign by working in partnership with our clients to find the ideal IT candidates.

As a leading IT recruitment agency in Bulgaria, Top Skills Recruitment can quickly find you highly skilled IT professionals who are the best fit for your contract or permanent hiring needs. By using skills testing combined with the knowledge of our specialist technology recruitment consultants, we can quickly match the right technology professional with the right role.

Do you struggle to hire and retain software developers?

We can help you improve your IT team. Do you wonder why you do not recruit and keep high-quality IT staff?

Why Work With Us?

We do not rely on computer algorithms to match jobs and people.

Remote or on-site, we have highly skilled and experienced candidates on our personally customized database system so that your recruitment process can start today.

Your vacancy will be marketed on the relevant channels. We relish working on jobs where other recruiters have failed to deliver.

We provide flexible, on-demand recruitment to help manage dynamic workloads, project work or employee absences.

Our IT Recruitment Process

Top Skills Recruitment understands that the pre-hiring stage is vital to hire the right staff.

We have communicated with qualified, experienced IT staff who trust us for our transparency and confidentiality. They know that we are approached by companies that are looking for the best technical talent.

  1. – Improve the quality of the candidates that we send to you
  2. – Offer consultation for hiring strategy
  3. – Be in constant feedback to make changes based on updated requirements
  4. – Save time and money
  5. – Provide support during on-boarding to post hire and retention strategy

We create a project hiring plan including terms and conditions, service level and exclusivity agreements.

We implement an end to end sourcing process and interview in person or by video all suitable candidates.

We qualify all potential candidates and take away the problem of you having to interview the candidate only to find that the skills listed on their CV are not accurate or they do not have the experience that that they are suggesting. This is a complete waste of time for all concerned and you will be frustrated at having to start the recruitment process again. Our team of highly skilled recruitment consultants interview all potential candidates and make sure they are competent in the skills and experience in which the client is seeking.

We will provide feedback, with updates and reports on our progress in finding the right staff.

We will conduct post placement reviews and agree a succession plan for future roles.

By adopting this approach, you will see a faster recruitment process, as we will only send you the candidates that we truly believe to be successful in the role, and rule out the people who are not a good match, thus saving interview time and resources.

We analyse the IT market, including competitor analysis, salary / rate benchmarking, tailored candidate and market insights, and supply and demand ratios.

We can create targeted candidate and market insights to fast-track your search for top technical talent

We can deliver salary and rate reports that will show you where you are positioned in comparison with your competition

We can provide insight into market trends, restructuring and market share

Success that is Guaranteed


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Why Choose Top Skills for IT Recruitment Bulgaria?

We do not use software algorithms to test our candidate’s technical knowledge. We get to know them in person to ensure they’re the right fit for your business.

As an established agency for IT Recruitment Bulgaria, Top Skills Recruitment has an excellent understanding of locating and placing hard-to-find contract and permanent IT staff.

Top Skills Recruitment has a reputation that is built on referral and successful partnerships. Our team are highly skilled and experienced in identifying top talent and matching them with your requirements, resulting in a saving of time and money, and the recruitment of the best IT staff.

With the shortage of quality IT staff in Bulgaria, an exclusive recruitment partner, can be a good solution.

We want to understand your technical environment and visit your offices to see how you work. We will let you know what is and isn’t achievable in the market and work with you to find a solution and you can rely on total confidentiality.

We know that we are totally responsible to find the person to fill your position and we will then put in a lot of work to find the candidate that’s ideal for your business.

We will put quality over quantity and to provide better candidates who find it refreshing and reassuring to know that we are exclusively working on your behalf.

You will not be hassled by multiple recruiters for calls, CV feedback, interview times.

We can be more flexible on fees for exclusive customers as we realise that they can turn into high-quality repeat business.