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Find The Best Outsourcing And Business Services Skills In Bulgaria
Faster, easier outsourcing and business services hiring. Find permanent, interim and temporary candidates with the accounting and finance skills your business requires.
Save time and effort by letting handling us all the hiring legwork and scheduling interviews

Top Skills Recruitment consultants have years of experience in  Outsourcing Recruitment in Bulgaria. Our Outsourcing Recruitment in Bulgaria is for multilingual positions for call centres and technical help desk positions for outsourcing and multinational companies.

At Top Skills Recruitment, we use innovative and rigorous procedures providing Professional Staffing and IT Outsourcing Solutions for leading businesses in Bulgaria and the European Union.

Our main objective is to understand your organisation and find out what exactly you are looking for. Accordingly, we will tailor our Outsourcing Recruitment in Bulgaria model to your business needs by adjusting our processes to ensure an agile process and efficient communication.

We then will deliver skilled experts and strong team members speaking various languages who will contribute to the success of your business.

Our team of experienced recruiters consists of experts in help desk staffing in Bulgaria and across Europe. With a large candidate pool, our recruiters can quickly identify and place the right applicant for your business, at the time you need them.

We perform background checks, language verifications and pre-screen our candidates for the specific experience and qualifications that you require, so you can rely on us to find you the best staff.

If you are looking for international and multilingual candidates for your new projects:

  1. – Top Skills Recruitment is an international recruitment company based in Sofia, Bulgaria dedicated to connecting candidates and companies.
  2. – Top Skills Recruitment is a well-known provider of recruitment services to the contact center and customer service industry, and our clients include global blue-chip organisations.

We place skilled professionals in Contact Centre, Telesales, Customer Management and Service roles, Client Support and Customer Relations specialists.

We can be your partner for multilingual projects, specific international profiles, entry-level or executives.

Every week our recruitment team assist multinational firms from around the world in expanding their presence in Bulgaria and the European Union.  Recruitment accuracy and efficiency is extremely critical to the success of a multinational business operation.

We recruit and place sought-after business professionals whose skills will augment the call center and help desk support teams they join.

We prioritise your time-sensitive jobs, while building a pipeline of candidates for your future openings. We are active and pro-active and you can rely on us to being available, responsive and able to deliver fast and quality recruitment services to you.

Our mass recruitment, high volume hiring services are aimed at organisations that recruit large numbers of staff at the same time.

We know how to plan, organise, execute and manage high volume recruiting projects in a way that optimise cost, minimise stress and do not bring unwanted surprises.

Every mass recruitment project starts with the building of a detailed project plan. We focus on clearly understanding the client needs in terms of candidate profile, timeframes involved and preferred selection method. The strategy will be reviewed with the client and redefined if required.

These are some of the reason why you should choose Top Skills Recruitment for your call centres and technical help desk positions:

  1. – We have a committed, skilled and experienced team
  • – We have a pipeline of talented professionals, screened and ready to start various roles
  • – We use a personally customized online system to keep your recruitment process streamlined and to keep track of requirements, candidates and interviews
  • – We increase the number of qualified hires, while lowering hiring costs and reducing position fill time.

The recruitment experience will influence the offer that the candidate will accept.

The effort and resources you have invested in creating a great candidate experience is only meaningful if your recruitment agency is able to offer the same. At Top Skills Recruitment, we value understanding our candidates, prioritise their needs and care about the overall recruitment process that they experience.

Large and small businesses depend on Top Skills Recruitment to source high-quality talent, which as it is done internally is a daunting task.

Companies partner with RPO providers such as Top Skills Recruitment to support their internal teams or their entire recruiting function to streamline their talent acquisition and recruitment process.

We place strong job qualifications at the very first step of our workflow so that we will not overload your organisation with unqualified CVs.

We only want to present you with fully qualified and prepared candidates.

We can support our clients with seasonal headcount increase by providing temporary employees with desired skills.

We use multiple mediums to identify candidates which includes the use of portals, industry specific databases, local prospecting utilising our network, social media and in some cases, the print media.

Early in the process, a quality check of every candidate source is undertaken. This ensures that we use the most effective sources while discontinuing others.

We provide the client with full reports and regular updates on the recruitment progress.

We facilitate offers and their acceptance by making professional reference checks, onboarding and recruitment review process.

Top Skills Recruitment is the leading recruitment consultancy in Bulgaria for the contact center and customer service industry. We specialise in matching talented professionals with career enhancing roles – from first line and supervisory to executive and director level positions.

Our solutions range from individual placements to completely new teams.

Top Skills Recruitment offer a personalised, professional and results-driven Outsourcing Recruitment Bulgaria service and we believe that a candidate will become a client in the future.