Staff Leasing Bulgaria

Top Skills Recruitment is a professional & licensed temporary employment agency offering temporary staff leasing Bulgaria to our clients.

Staff leasing is when an employer pays an intermediary organization to hire its employees. The intermediary organization, then handles all aspects of finding new employees and managing staff payroll.

Staff leasing often allows an organization to be flexible about the length of contract terms for various job positions.

Staff Leasing may cover situations like worker absences, skilled temporary labour, seasonal workload, and student workers. Staffing metrics are useful in determining how many positions to lease. 

Staff leasing is an easy, flexible, and cost-effective way to find the right talents, who get the work done. We can help you find both individual employees and larger groups, for temporary and long-term work alike.

The services offered by Top Skills Recruitment bring flexibility and readiness to react in the changing situations so that can plan your future without worry, knowing that we can guarantee a workforce for you.

Under Bulgarian law staff leasing may be used for short-term purposes, for example, seasonal work, a project or to substitute a missing worker, as contracts which workers sign can be only temporary under Bulgarian law for no more than 3 years in duration.

Benefits of Staff Leasing Bulgaria

Staff Leasing Services

Staff leasing Bulgaria is a special service we offer that enables clients to outsource the management of their employees’ payroll and certain human resources processes. Once contracted, we take responsibility for the timely and correct payment of their salaries, benefits, tax and social security contributions.

Top Skills Recruitment signs labour contracts with the approved staff for lease. We therefore share and allocate with the client responsibilities and liabilities. 

Top Skills Recruitment becomes responsible and liable for employment, payroll and employee tax compliance, while the client retains responsibility and control over managing the employees for the actual business operations.

Top Skills Recruitment covers employee payments and reports to the client monthly. 

Top Skills Recruitment submits to the client monthly a detailed breakdown of the staff costs incurred, all benefits and compensations, overtime and all other employee costs agreed upon with the client HR department.

What does our recruitment service include?

Our service is a “turnkey” solution, and you will only have to make the final decision on recruitments. We already have the working processes and channels to reach suitable applicants.