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Our client is a boutique fintech company building a range of financial and compliance applications used by many multinational organizations including a range of household names in the UK and overseas. Their user base covers a range of industries such as pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, mining, financial, retailing, engineering etc.
Looking for a .NET developer with 2-4 years of experience to work in a small team on a tax return workflow application.
Solid practical knowledge of the following is required: C#, ASP.NET MVC + Web Api, AngularJS, HTML, Bootstrap, CSS, SQL Server, Entity Framework, Linq, dependency injection (Unity) and unit testing (Moq)
Experience with the following is welcome: .NET Core, Azure service bus, Azure functions, Docker, Hangfire, Kendo UI
Education: a degree in Software Engineering, Computer Science or Mathematics

General responsibilities:
• analyze criteria, address omitted scenarios and edge cases, think of different solutions with their pros and cons, communicate these to the Business and decide on the best option
• recognize when features are related and need to be analyzed together
• be able to design solution with flexible database driven logic
• alter or create new database tables, add primary, foreign keys, indexes and named default constraints, write queries, views, stored procedures, script data in (e.g., from excel spreadsheet), write fix scripts
• understand Entity Framework and EDMX update in database first approach
• select suitable service owner of new data/processing in business layer, work with interface abstractions and use dependency injection effectively
• write wide range of unit test scenarios, use base (common) setup with changes per case for easier maintenance, mock dependencies including repositories and unit of work, verify data outcome, calls to dependencies and correct arguments
• understand data binding in AngularJS, controllers, factories and promises, filters, directives (including writing new to create reusable components), form validation, routing (UI router), UI Bootstrap
• be familiar with Git source control including branching, merging, resolving conflicts and undoing accidental changes
• work with Nugget references, be able to reinstall or upgrade packages and track dependency issues
• use config (XDT) transformations
• write readable, maintainable, reusable and secure code (name variables and methods reasonably, use suitable data structures including dictionaries and hash sets, work with inheritance and generics, minimize number of database calls, centralize and reuse logic, write helpers to break down complex code, avoid copy pasting logic, create UI templates, avoid hard coded strings in both server side and UI code, keep generic reusable code separate from specific application logic, check/validate all user input, apply authorization
rules in UI, endpoints and business layer, add audit and error logging)
• be able to work independently, articulate issues, learn and grow from searching solutions
• continuously strive for doing things in a better way
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