Corporate training

The accomplished professional knows that they must never stop learning. Investing in ourselves and our skills is the key to personal and professional development. That’s why Top Skills Recruitment offers a range of useful one-to-one and group courses to hone your skills and help your business flourish

Why choose Top Skills Recruitment for your corporate training?

Our training

Language training

We work with language teachers in the country to design a curriculum that is right for you and your needs. Our language training includes:

Productivity coaching

It is difficult and even impossible to always perform brilliantly. That’s why Top Skills Recruitment works with an amazing coach who focuses on productivity, motivation, the strengths of each employee and the team as a whole. Training includes:

Training for effective and harmonious communication (Soft skills)

A key skill for employees at any professional level. Effective communication is necessary in every aspect of good work and is especially needed for managers. Training includes:

Corporate training “Human Resources”

The foundation of a good company and the most neglected department – human resources. A good HR department helps for a more cohesive team, stronger identity, and lower risk. HR professionals are the invisible wheels that push the gears of your business. Our training includes:

Motivational profile Reiss

The first empirically created, standardized, and comprehensive profile of participant motivations. The method is one of the few scientifically recognized, published and evaluated by a number of scientific journals.

The highly detailed and personal profile helps to focus on an employee’s strengths and iron out weaknesses in workflow.

How to choose the right service?

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation where you let us know your needs and we can offer you the best services for them.

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