Frequently asked questions


We offer a wide range of job opportunities, including permanent and temporary employment, part-time and full-time positions that cover a variety of fields such as IT, finance, engineering, marketing and more.

No, our services are completely free of charge for candidates.

We work with candidates from all career levels – from juniors to CEOs. Our goal is to help people during every stage of their career development.

Yes, you can apply for several vacancies that match your skills and interests. We strive to find the best possible match with your qualifications.

Job vacancies are posted regularly. We encourage you to check our website or contact us for the latest updates.

We offer assistance throughout the entire hiring process, including interview preparation, resume optimization, and negotiation assistance. Our goal is to help you succeed in securing the best possible job.

Yes, we offer career counselling and guidance to help you make informed choices about your career.


We have experience in various sectors – IT, Finance, Outsourcing, Construction and Engineering to Marketing and Administration. We have the knowledge and skills to provide the right talent for your specific needs.

Many businesses resort to employing staff leasing to cover their needs during periods of intense workload. Areas where we often see this model of work are for example:

  • IT – for the purposes of delivering temporary projects and engaging highly specialised specialists;
  • Outsourcing – where employees are sought for projects of different duration;
  • Manufacturing – recruiting additional workers and administration for a fixed term;
  • Tourism and Agriculture – where seasons determine the number of employees in an organisation.
  • Small to medium-sized organisations looking to recruit for a short term.
  • For temporary projects and temporary engagement of highly skilled professionals.
  • Foreign companies and NGOs that are not registered in the country and need the expertise and experience of Top Skills Recruitment in the field of human resources, legal, administrative and accounting matters.
  • Organizations that aim to reduce the administrative burden on their HR departments.
  • Manufacturing companies with an increased workload of production activities, requiring additional staff for a certain period.
  • Precise selection of candidates from our extensive database, through targeted and paid advertisements, direct contact with potential candidates and maintaining constant communication with a network of professionals in different fields.
  • We fully consider your criteria and find a candidate that meets all job requirements including pay, work schedule, skills, experience, technical knowledge, motivation, physical environment, communication abilities and other specific requirements.

Timeframes vary depending on the complexity of the role and your specific needs. We prioritize efficiency and strive to provide you with qualified candidates in a timely manner, placing the utmost importance on speed and confidentiality in the recruitment process.

Top Skills Recruitment is an exclusive partner of The Taplow Group. We also specialise in executive search and have extensive experience in successfully recruiting candidates for management and leadership positions at all hierarchical levels in companies across a range of industries.

In addition to recruitment, we can offer services such as market research, salary analysis, assistance with hiring processes, and a portfolio of corporate training tailored to your team’s needs.

Yes, we have local and international experience in recruitment, ensuring you have access to a global talent pool. Our team works with all European countries.

Send us an inquiry so that we can offer you the best possible offer that fits your needs perfectly. Packages are tailored to each individual client and the services they want to benefit from.

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