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Our team is highly experienced in filling temporary positions with exceptional temp staff, in the fastest time possible.
Save time and effort by letting handling us all the hiring legwork and scheduling interviews

Top Skills Temporary Recruitment Agency in Bulgaria will help you in identifying potential temporary employment candidates that meet your specifications and requirements in an efficient and cost-effective manner to maximise workforce productivity, flexibility, and control.

Top Skills Recruitment are licensed temporary employment agency. Temporary and interim contract staff are now an integral part of most workforces. As they offer vital flexibility for your business and allow you to:

Temporary and Contract Employment Agency in Bulgaria

Temporary and contract employment in Bulgaria allows you the flexibility of when and where to work.

The duration of contract appointments can be for several weeks or for several years. In today’s business environment, employers are increasingly using contract staff and, as a result, contracting is becoming a popular option for many professionals across a multitude of disciplines and sectors.

Why Choose Top Skills as your Temporary Recruitment Agency in Bulgaria?

Top Skills Temporary Recruitment Agency in Bulgaria has a comprehensive contract workforce solution that can deliver you resources very quickly.

Out database contains thousands of qualified, proven, trusted professionals looking for contract assignments at any one time in Bulgaria and the European Union.

Top Skills can take care of payroll, taxation, and legal requirements freeing up your own staff.

All contract candidates are fully skill tested and reference checked.

  1. – We can deliver flexible solutions
  2. – Our contract recruitment consultants’ have specialist sector knowledge
  3. – We have immediate access to critical strategic skills
  4. – We can scale our service up or down to fit your needs
  1. – Outsourcing & Business Services (which includes all the multilingual positions for call centers and technical help desk positions)
  2. – Financial Services, Accounting & Insurance
  3. – Information Technologies (IT)
  4. – Construction and Engineering
  5. – Manufacturing and Production
  6. – Sales and Marketing
  7. – Human Resources (HR)
  8. – Logistics and Transportation

With this information, we will draw from our database and reach out to other potential candidates via advertising and networking.

Our contract staff recruitment agents are highly trained and qualified, experts in screening talent and assessing proficiency.

We undertake behavioural interviews and skill assessments to ensure you get the contract staffing solution that you are looking for.

Top Skills Recruitment understand your corporate values and will propose contract staff that will fit in with your culture.

  1. – Skills possessed
  2. – Ability to fit in with required working hours
  3. – Personal characteristics
  4. – Commuting or home working practicalities
  5. – Any specific requirements
  6. – Job motivation
  7. – Dress policy
  8. – Physical environment
  9. – Communication abilities

Employment Agency Contracts in Bulgaria

The employer will only have to be concerned about the contract between your company and the agency.

This agreement will describe the unique terms and conditions in the contract, including the responsibilities of both parties. 

  1. – The fee structure and describe how the total fee amount is calculated
  2. – A detailed description of all the services to be provided by Top Skills. The list of services may include screening candidates, performing interviews, contacting referees, and undertaking training.
  3. – A replacement guarantee which means if the first candidate either leaves the contract early or is unsuitable for the position, then Top Skills guarantees to find a replacement within a certain period
  4. – The salary that Top Skills will pay the contractor and the total cost per employee. This will include the responsibility of paying taxes, insurance, additional benefits, etc.
  5. – Notice period of the contact

Training Contract Staff in Bulgaria

Newly appointed contract staff will already have the technical skills for a position but will probably not be familiar with how your company conducts its business.

That is why it is important to prepare a contract employee training plan which will include the workplace policies and procedures.

The training should include an induction to workplace culture which will define the character and personality of your business. The workplace culture training will cover attributes that make your business unique such as values, beliefs, traditions, behaviour, and attitudes.

If necessary, Top Skills Recruitment can provide the extra onsite training and support required until the new contractor is comfortable in their role.

Temporary Recruitment Agency in Bulgaria Summary

At Top Skills Recruitment, we have considerable experience in providing flexible recruitment solutions in Bulgaria.

Our Temporary Recruitment Agency Bulgaria will work with you to identify the best short and long-term solution, each with the flexibility to increase or decrease your headcount around changing business needs.