Successful Social Media Recruiting

Social Media Recruiting

Social media is becoming more and more prominent in the recruitment process. Social Media Recruitment Bulgaria is successfully working process for Top Skills Recruitment which increases our reach for candidates to meet the client requirements.

This article describes the key elements that must be considered when using social media for recruiting in Bulgaria.


What Is Social Media Recruiting?

Social media recruiting is a recruitment strategy that combines elements of employer branding and recruitment marketing to connect with and attract active and passive candidates on the digital platforms they frequent. Some statistics:


Reasons You Should Be Using the Social Media as Part of Your Recruitment Marketing

We believe that you should be using social media to help in your recruitment for the following reasons.


Speed Up Your Recruitment Marketing Efforts

Social media can reach skilled candidates in seconds.

Traditional mediums like billboards, newspapers, and events don’t offer the same immediacy or scalability that social media does. They also don’t provide built-in tracking that focuses on the data you’re most interested in, like page views, engagement, and followers.


Tailor Your Recruiting Efforts

Social media platforms provide myriad options for reaching specific groups of people, allowing you to target the candidates most suited for your roles. Narrowing the applicant pool early in the recruiting process will let you spend more time focusing on the best applicants.

Each platform has its audience and culture, providing you with the opportunity to get granular and take the right message to the right people at the right time.


Promote your employer’s brand

69% of job seekers say that a company’s reputation is a critical factor when considering a new job. Social media is an excellent resource to promote your employer brand to potential employees who may not be looking at your job descriptions. Here are some areas to consider when creating social content:


Increasing Your Reach


Get To Know the Candidates Beyond their Resumes

The traditional resume may be great at summarizing a candidate’s professional background, but it offers little insight into who they are as a person. Social media recruiting allows you to develop a more comprehensive understanding of candidates, including their personalities, interests, and mutual connections.


Creating your Social Media Recruiting Strategy

Top Skills Recruitment realizes that every company has different needs, and we will create a tailor-made plan to meet your requirements. We will perform the following activities when creating your social media recruitment strategy in Bulgaria.


Research Competitors and Candidates

We will research which platforms are most popular among your competitors, pinpoint the type of content they create for each platform, and how that correlates to engagement.


Create Candidate Personas

We will get to know what personality traits will add to your culture and balance that with the qualifications necessary to be successful in your organization.


Set Recruitment Goals

We will determine exactly what you want to accomplish with your social media recruiting strategy and set realistic targets with trackable metrics.


Choose The Right Social Platforms

Depending on your industry and target personas, we will select the appropriate social platforms to reach the right candidates.


Using the Social Media Recruitment Bulgaria

When we work with you as your recruitment consultants, we must work together to attract the best candidates. We will adopt the following best practices to help your social media recruitment succeed in Bulgaria.


Give As Much Information About Job Vacancies as Possible

We will ask you to provide all the relevant information, which will help you gain more applicants, and thus increase your chances of placing the appropriate candidate.


Release The Latest Recruitment Industry News

Top Skills Recruitment is consistently posting news articles about the recruitment industry, to keep our followers updated on all the relevant issues that are prominent at the current time.


Keeping People Informed of the Latest Developments from Your Company

You must share with us the latest news from your company as it gives you a chance to show off your company’s achievements, which will be utilized to attract more candidates.


Provide Consistency and Variety Within and Between Platforms

Ensure that a consistent approach is made to the various social media platforms that you are using.


Social Media Recruiting Site Summary

With so many options, it’s important to remember that your social media recruiting strategy should not be a one-size-fits-all approach. Here is a brief guide to the top 5 social media platforms:


LinkedIn is the Main Social Media Recruitment for Bulgaria

Percentage of Companies Use LinkedIn for Recruitment: 96%

With more than 11 million active job postings, LinkedIn is a go-to for most recruiters. LinkedIn offers an unparalleled overview of a candidate’s work history. It also provides insight into their interests, endorsements, and referrals.

LinkedIn also offers an Advanced People Search. This tool offers search capabilities that are highly useful for recruiters. Many of these search features are free. However, some require a LinkedIn premium account.


Facebook Recruitment

Percentage of Companies Use Facebook for Recruitment: 66%

Facebook may not be a dedicated professional network like LinkedIn, but its size makes it an indispensable resource for recruiters. It can shed some light on an individual’s personality away from work, and it provides countless ways to find and connect with candidates. It even offers a job board.

Facebook’s Graph Search allows you to search various variables of a user’s profile, including location, interests, and areas of study.


Instagram Recruitment

Percentage of Companies Use Instagram for Recruitment: 7%

Instagram’s visual format has become hugely popular with millennials (the largest portion of the workforce) and Generation Z. Despite its popularity, less than 10% of recruiters leverage this channel, which represents a huge early mover opportunity.


Twitter Recruitment

Percentage of Companies Use Twitter for Recruitment: 53%

Twitter has become a go-to source for news and events. Everyone from celebrities to major companies uses Twitter to engage with people worldwide.

Twitter’s Advanced search has more limitations than Facebook but still allows you to search for people using specific phrases, hashtags, and keywords.


YouTube Recruitment

Percentage of Companies Use YouTube for Recruitment: 11%

72% of internet users choose video over text.

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